An initiative by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and ARRB

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ASSET MANAGEMENT – Incorporation of the Pavement Risk Score into the Pavement Condition Index

NACOE Project Number: A26

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Project Stage of Completion: 100%


TMR had developed a Pavement Risk Score (PRS) to reflect the risk to pavement preservation/failure and safety, which relies on measured condition data and information on the operating environment. A Pavement Management System – (PMS) was also introduced together with the Pavement Condition Index (PCI).

This NACOE project reviewed, calibrated and incorporated the PRS into the PCI and PMS. The formulation and optimization of these factors is critical for resource requirements and utilization, as well as the setting of realistic performance targets.

Experience shows that early automation and streamlining of calculations brings substantial benefits in terms of efficiency and reliability of the asset planning/modelling work. This improved understanding will allow for consistent assessment of the risks to TMR and road users from current and future budgetary allocations.

Several reviewed elements were implemented in the department TIMS model in January 2016. This implementation will reduce the quantity and complexity of the code and reduce run time of assessments.

Award-winning optimization of our pavement management systems

The NACOE project team, consisting of Dr Peter Kadar, Dr Tim Martin, and Ranita Sen of ARRB, and Michelle Baran of TMR, co-authored a paper exploring some of the key outcomes of this NACOE research. The paper, titled Addressing Uncertainties of Performance Modelling with Stochastic Information Packages, won the Innovation Award at the 9th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets in Virginia, USA.