Research Program

NACOE is a targeted R&D initiative of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Australian Road Research Board. The purpose of the partnership is to unlock innovation, maximise knowledge transfer, and deliver savings through smarter, more efficient engineering on a national scale.

Since 2013, NACOE has driven savings and enhanced national technical capability in transport and road asset engineering through:

• Unlocking innovation
• Implementing international best practice
• Translating new knowledge into practice.

The Program provides benefits to the Australian road industry by delivering research to improve best practises and enables effective use of innovative materials to translate new knowledge into practice.

How To Get Involved

The NACOE Program runs on a rolling four-year basis, with projects generally spanning one to three years. Planning of the upcoming year’s program begins in January / February of each year.

The Program relies on the input and collaboration of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and ARRB, as well as collaboration with industry to develop ideas for projects across the seven key discipline areas –


Asset Management


Road Safety 


Network Operations 

Heavy Vehicle Management.

Any suggestions for projects can be submitted by email to

The program development process is outlined below: